institutiona-servicesAt Henley & Company, we deliver our clients world-class investment advice backed by a powerful trading desk. Our specialized approach, strong reputation and relationships within the institutional investment community have made us a company trusted by both institutional clients and corporate managements.

As an independent and private investment firm, Henley & Company’s institutional sales department was created to give personalized service to our institutional client base. Our mission is to provide institutional investors with innovative investment ideas, along with powerful execution capability. Henley’s intellectual capital, employees, and singular focus on customer needs means exceptional service for each of our clients.

We maintain strong relationships with leading investors and companies. Experienced professionals with in-depth knowledge of companies, industries, managements, investors and valuations conduct our equity business. Our sales team will visit the corporate headquarters and manufacturing facilities in which we invest, an approach which fosters open communication between Henley and the management teams and large investors.  This level of due diligence enables our firm to fully understand and explain complex investment opportunities to our clients. At Henley & Company, our salespeople are equipped to add value to portfolio managers by offering them an accurate and in-depth assessment of the companies in which we invest.

Institutional Investors often purchase and sell their securities in large quantities. Henley executes these transactions with the required special marketing and trading expertise. Our trading professionals are the nerve center for all our client’s orders: from institutions, trusts and pension funds to corporations and individual investors. The Trading Desk has access to all major exchanges and financial resources, including NASDAQ, Bloomberg, Archipelago and all major ECN’s.

So you see, our sales force is knowledgeable and focused, as we develop and maintain long-term relationships with a worldwide network of asset managers, fund managers, hedge funds, pension funds and other financial institutions. Over the years, we have earned our clients’ trust and confidence thanks to our integrity, objectivity, and loyalty, the foundations upon which Henley was built.

For additional information regarding Henley & Company’s institutional services, or to schedule a private consultation, please contact James Albanese, Senior Vice President, Trading, at 1-800-753-8688, or via e-mail

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